In the money - PatFute3D

Who said there's no money in programming? Today, I managed to pick up US$43 from the nice people at Citigroup. They sponsored a TopCoder programming competition, in which I came 3rd in my 'room' (300 coders split into rooms of around 20), so got part of the overal prize purse. However, as the first check they owe me still hasn't arrived (about 4 months late), I'm not really holding my breath for this.
In much more intersting news, International PatFute day is coming up quickly (July 7th for those of you playing at home)! And in recognition of this once-a-year event, plus the fact that I've got too much free time on my hands, I'm trying to make PatFute3D, the new and improved version, with custom teams, stadiums and possibly later network play :) Soon i might be putting up the format for the teams, so you can create your own if you want, but until then, if you have anything you *really* want in the game, TAG to the right-->
Alternatively, you can try out the game, by following the link a couple of posts below....vvvv
Here's a snippet of the code that won me the money :) [shortened a bit:]
return ((1LL << k) - 1) << 2;


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