Voting ready..soon

Another quick late-night update:
I just found out I scored 80.6, by highest ever :) I still only came second, but this is great becase now I don't have to:
  • Work for another week on fixing the flaws in my design the reviewers found.
  • Answer questions on the design for another week from all the people trying to write the code for it.
  • And most importantly: Know What I'm Doing!!
seriously, I still don't properly know what a Struts Action class is, yet my design had one. However, I did learn what custom JSP tags were, and how to use them. Learning hard java in a week is one of the main reasons why I'm doing this, so at least I got that out of it. Oh, and the payment doesn't hurt.
Finally, please tell me if you can get the voting thing down the bottom seems to randomly pick when to work and when not to. The most annoying this is it always works fine for me...meh, it's not the code's fault, it must be the internet's. :p


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