Huzzah! the wait is over

Good news :)
In the design competition that's just finished, where you get money for coming 1st or 2nd with a score over 70%, there are only two competitors. Now, I've just found out that I've scored 78% (at least, pending some appeals), that means that some $US are coming my way. Who says being an online programmer is a waste of time?
In other matters, one I learnt some basic phrases and vocab in PHP, and opened a new website that supported it, the voting system was able to be created - although it's only in a primative state. I've only been able to speak PHP for about 5 hours now, so later in the week if I can integrate SQL with it, I'll be able to chuck everything into a database and host many polls at the same time, if anyone wants one :) - so that's on the TODO list.
In other non-programming news....*blink*....not much. 6 unbeaten games of pool today, but apart from that I'm enjoying the monday off, followed by a lazy tuesday and an soon to be an even lazier wednesday. Here's hoping hectic Thursday turns out to be alright, as Fridays are fun and then it's the weekend :) Oh, and now survivor X has finished! One less thing to watch, oh well, and this series was interesting too.
I can't leave without giving you a bit more code, so here's our good friend Flloyd:
for(j = 0; j < n; j++)
for(i = 0; i < n; i++)
for(k = 0; k < n; k++)
dist[i][k] >?= dist[i][j] + dist[j][k]


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