Morning Wakeup

Well, here we go, post #1.
This is actually the third blog I've ever done, but the first without a real purpose, and the first that i've done from within Australia....
anyway, it's 3:18am. What am i doing up at 3:18am? No, not partying...I've just been in a programming competition that's run in the US, so starts at the strangest time here. Me crazy? I guess so. Plus annoyed, as I just missed a question because i forgot that 200 * 100 != 2000. Oh well, all good practice for next time. On the other hand, the week-long competition side is going well - i'm in the top two, so if i score more than 70%, i get paid ($US) for my efforts... fingers crossed.
Onto other matters - my minds a bit jumpy at 3:18 in the morning, as one would expect - is that it's a long weekend. Yay! Now, to find something to fill it with. Probably guitar. Or programming. Again. Oooo- and homework, as always. Time to whip up some optimisation-solving C++ code to do it for me.
Anyway, i'll try to keep posting at semi-regular intervals, but they may eventually degenerate into pseudo-random, who knows...

So i leave you with some recursion at it's best:
inline int gcd(int a, int b){return (b) ? gcd(b, a % b) : a;}


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