Seriously, who owns a shoe?

As my name suggests, who owns a shoe? To the best of my knowledge, the set of people who own shoes certainly does *not* contain my Discrete Maths tutor. Of the six or so tutes he's run, he's had footwear to exactly zero of them. Quite and effort, considering how much chalk is on the floors of the maths building. He must leave little white chalky footprints wherever he walks now :p And don't think this is just a tutorial thing - I have seen him walking around uni, and even crossing North Tce. without his shoes, which only leads to the most logical conclusion that he has no footwear.
Onto other matters - Voting engine is slowly improving. The username/password system is now enabled. This means that if you want to create a poll, ur gonna need me to add a username and password for you, so post a comment here, or even better send me an email. Details:
Hopefully, eventually I'll be able to find somewhere to upload some of my music to, and the games I've made will be available too. Until then, here's two 'games' (i use that term use loosely) that i made ages ago. maybe later i'll put a more recent good one on:
PatFute = a *very* simplistic soccer game.
Quest aka 'PatRPG' = an RPG. It's not very hard, or complete, but it allows you to change the maps and enemies to virtually make your own game.


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