Let there be votes

As the name suggests, the voting engine is up and running in full swing. Check the bottom of this page for an example. Alternatively, check out this voting system in action on the site of a fellow blogger - http://blowingupspace.blogspot.com/
Now, I've also created a simple builder to create polls, so if you want you can create your own. Just visit the creator. For now, until I create a login system, the password to user is 'password'. Fill in whatever username you want. Poll name is the internal storage name for the poll, and has to be unique for each user (e.g. 'colour'). Display name is the actual name to be shown on your poll, such as "Your favourite colour is:"). Then name each of your options - maximum of 9, if you want more you'll have to post a comment here to ask me to set it up. Keep in mind that I can view any polls you create, so be nice and don't abuse the system. :) I'm sure noone will.
On other matters - stats homework is soooo boring. I somehow managed to get 100% for the last assessment, which means it doesn't matter as much how well I do on this one, but it still annoying when you have to guess what they're asking for each question, and there's no real way of knowing whether you are right or not.
In happier news - seeing Star Wars 3 tomorrow. I've heard it's better than the first two (thank goodness) so it should be worthwile.
In other viewing news, FA cup on tonight (go Man U), and tomorrow - Eurovision!!!
I'll leave you with a part of the voting engine code - You can try and guess what it does:
imagefilledarc($im, $buffer + $radius, $buffer + $radius + $pieStart,
2 * $radius, 2 * $radius,
$startArc, $startArc + $arcLength,
$dispColour, IMG_ARC_PIE);


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