Annual gripe

Yes, i'm not normally angry, so this might be the only time this year that I let out steam, but here goes.
This was all triggered on friday. No, not from losing to the DBTs in soccer, although their decision to try to injure me at every chance was rather annoying. No, it was from afterwards on the way driving home at night. For those who don't know, just after stirling and before aldgate (the small town/suburb that i live in) there is a progression of tight-ish corners that you generally have to slow down for, and you definitely have to now that they've put up cones everywhere while they fix the footpath. ANYWAY, i was approaching these, if anything a bit faster than I normally do, and suddenly the car behind me starts getting closer and closer. I was concentrating round the first two corners, and it wasn't until I changed down to third that i looked in the rear-view mirror to see why the lights from the car were bothering me so much. To my suprise, and slight horror, it was because the car was *right* behind me, and still not slowing down. I go back to looking where i'm going, and after the series of bends, during which the car was never more than 1.5m at most away from my rear, i finally get into the main street of aldgate. By this stage, the lights from the car behind had gone, and i thought maybe it had turned off at the road just before aldgate. However, I then check rear-view mirror again, and see this car so close to me that i can't even see it's headlights in the mirror. What do you do in this situation? (no, not tap your brakes..they could've been 10cm behind me, for all i knew).
For some reason, the person behind me though it was perfectly ok to tailgate a P-driver, at night time, around corners...and they wonder why P-platers get into so many car accidents. Maybe the rest of the driving population should set better examples. Not saying that i'm a perfect driver, probably far from it, but it gets irritating when you drive in a 40k zone and everyones passes you at 70k, even honking their horn at your legality...
oh, and to add insult to injury, one of my new swanky* shirts decided to be evil and create it's own prints. When i was washing it for the very first time, by hand, it suddently decided to copy some of its black prints onto other areas of itself where prints aren't supposed to go. oh well, at least it's not too visible, just annoying.
Anyway, thats about the end of my gripe. Oh, apart from this observation: one of the drawbacks of the ipod age is that that ''songs' comprimising of a 15s hook played repeatedly and the rest of the time filled in with unmusical sound are suddenly famous, because people hear the hook on TV ads/programs, download the song, listen to it 50 times on their portable music player, and think it's great because they've got the only ok 15s stuck in their head.
Tonight, instead of code, here's some vocab-building information on the meaning of swanky (from
  1. (adj. swank·i·er, swank·i·est): Swank (thanks,
  2. (adj): imposingly fashionable and elegant; "a swank apartment"
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