You Es of Eh?

In about 5 hrs i have to be awake - gotta love early-morning 6am flights :D - At least I'll get to use the new airport though, should be interesting.
As you may know, I'm soon to be heading off to the United States to compete in the ACM ICPC world finals. 80 teams of 3 contestants, 5 hrs of contest, 10 questions, *fingers crossed*. I just foind out that apparently San Antonio (yes, rather like Simon Anthony) has a 'Volcanic Ash Advisory' - rather odd, I didn't know it was in volcano country. Last time I went to US was so long ago that, as I was leaving, and our bags were getting fully scanned by security (it was '03, so after 9/11), one of the people pulled out my usb mp3 stick, and asked me what it was. "It's an mp3 player, like a portable CD player with no moving parts" - "Oh, okay, I've never heard of them". Oh how times have changed :p
On the topic of songs, I'm not yet jumping on the BandWagon of post-20-song-starts, as I'm leaving so won't be able to update when they're solved. I will however probably post them when I return. And on that, when I'm away, if I get internet access I'll try to post a blog or two here, to keep everyone updated :)
Thanks for all the wishes of luck and safetly - Tomorrow is going to last 40hrs or so, hopefully there'll be good movies / music / games on the plane trip (all 14hrs or so of it), but i should get some sleep. Cyaz all soon!
(Edit: looking at the site again, apparently the ash warning has gone...perhaps a bug :p)


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