Currently I'm using a shared network connection, so will be pretty quick but -
They had a string orchestra playing at the opening ceremony! Like, a whole orchestra playing just for us. Cool :p - although, now that one day has finished, it's a pity there's only two actual days left, it's going rather quickly. Texan / Mexican food is pretty nice, had plenty of local flavours already. I seem to not be affected by jetlag, though the others are still feeling tired at some random times, hopefully we'll all be ok by wednesday morning. Also, for those interested who are awake at midnight wednesday night, there should be a scoreboard put up around here:
when the final actually starts, so if ur up keep a look out for "Adelaide: KQ".
Tomorrow is the "ICPC Java Challenge" - it seems to be some interactive AI bot-writing thing, we get toi find out what game is being played tomorrow, then get 3 hrs full on to write the best AI - should be fun. Then a walking tour of San Antonio, and finally getting 'supplies' (= red bull) in preparation for the final :)
More news later - adios!


  1. i swear that either i am paranoid or u change the color of tshirts everyday. first i thought u were wearing black, then blue, the yellow?!?!


  2. Hey patty,
    wow i was so out of it i didn't remember you were going till the 9th...a day to late to wish you a great time!
    so hope you 'had/having' a great time!
    p.s whats this about t-shirts?

  3. o just that i am paranoid.

  4. Oh wow, I have comments, cool!
    @bugz: Yes, we were in yellow, one of the two yellow teams (was useful cos it was easy to spot teammates) - maybe I'll see you next year or the year after competing :D
    @Jelly: thanks :) - each team has a coloured t-shirt, ours was yellow. We managed to kick NZ butt, and come =39th, do ended up doing not to badly :D


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