I'm Baaaack

Howdy, partners! Hope y'all had a boot-scooting time while this here cowboy was off yonder in texas, yehaw!
Sorry, had to get that out of my system. If you're wondering, people don't actually sound like that in texas, and most don't have 'texan' accents as such - still, it's a nice place to go, San Antonio especially, if you're into that civil war history side of things. I however was there for a rather different reason - 3 days of almost non-stop coding!
Now, I'm extremely jetlagged, and have been trying to work out of it by staying up when my body tells me to sleep, so my coherence levels are mighty low - for now, I'll just say i had a smashing time, hopefully will get the chance to go again in the next few years :)
I managed to survive the Sydney-LA flight, even though that's the same path as the LOST plane (I think), and I also managed to survive the as-big-as-texas meal sizes - their smallest coffee is 'tall', which is our biggest, and I swear the refillable soft-drink cup i had on the last day was about 1.25L. No wonder so many people are overweight, the junk food is so cheap! US$1.25 for a bottle of coke from a vending machine - no suprise I took advantage of this, though I definitely noticed a lack of nice, fresh fruit, which I've more than made up for since getting back.
I should post a better summary when i get over jet-lag - oh, and one of those lyric things too! Until then - hope everyone had a good easter. This year's IOI team is announced *really* soon, it seems the selection exams (including 3 of my problems :D) went smoothly, so congrats to those who made it!
It's 8pm and i'm sleepy - tomorrow I'll be the only one awake at 5.30am...oh, the wonders of jet lag!


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