Yes, my Birthday was happy

First of all, a big *thankyou* to all those people to sent me a bday SMS, or email, or organised a picnic etc...despite being in ACT and having to wake up at 4am, it's really nice when ur phone keeps giving you another birthday wish throughout the day :) Now, I just have to remember when *your* birthdays are.
I've decided finally to get a proper watch, and am deciding between: and
basically, the only difference is the colours...if i could get blue with gold band, i'd go that. Blue & Yellow are the nicest colours (Subaru....) so it's hard when I have to choose just *one*. I'm thinking of going the yellow one, partly because it's bright and cheerful, and partly because soo many watches are silver with blue dial, I think some yellow is called for.
For those programmers out there, now is the best time to join up & compete at TopCoder (see the link on the right) - due to sponsorship by Microsoft and SAP, they're giving out over US$50,000 in prizemoney :D
Now that holidays have started, I promise to try and update more often, but for now, Composing & AOE2 calls :)


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