False advertising

Today, I had one review lecture at uni....6 people turned up :p
It finished early, naturally, and ss I had plenty of time left over I got lunch from Mayo, the uni refectory. There was some offer on - $4.60 for a standard pie & 600ml diet coke, so I thought I may as well try (not being much of a pie fan). Upon eating the pie, I had to wonder about it's contents...kinda like brown slush...not really 'meat' at all. How is this relevant? it isn't, but here's a list of a few items that seem to have the product names:
  • Meat Pie (see above): It's a pie, but not meat, so only scores 50%.
  • Chunky Beef Pie: It's a pie...but I don't know if the gristle is beef or pork, or human even, and it's certainly not chunky...33+1/3%
  • Brett-Bix....If Weet-Bix are made of wheat (supposedly) that means Brett-Bix *should* be made of Brett Lee, correct? THEY'RE NOT! Disappointing :( - and I've never eaten them as though they were biscuits, so I'd have to give this a big 0%!
  • "Asian flavoured" noodles: Same as above..."that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies." :) However, they do look like noodles, and have some flavour (even if it's not minced asian), so this gets 66.6%
  • M&Ms: No problems here - so long as there's more than one in the packet that has the letter 'M' on it when you buy it, there's always be *both* M *and* Ms :) 100%
Time to make a stand perhaps...or create a new fad diet: only eat things with a rating above 50%! This means meat pies are out, and you can forget about Brett-Bix, but noodles and M&Ms are fine. hey...that doesn't sound too bad :)
Another random quote, from the bus [scene: school ppl comparing their socks, because they were in uniform so everthing looked the same :p]:
"She always has my socks!" - "She has your undies too." - "Oh, that's right..." - "But you'll never get them back!" - "That's ok, if she doesn't give my socks and undies back, she won't be getting her sunnies back!!"
You really gotta wondering about humanity if the next generation of leaders are coming from this generation (see previous bus quotes for more evidence...)


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