Sorry! I know, it's been a while, but you see that last week and a bit has been rather busy. Here's a summary:
1) End-of-year exams: Now, I'm of the opinion that too much study is a bad thing and can have negative effects on your enjoyment, and therefore your success, in exams. So, I haven't been studying all that much, but have still needed to prepare sometimes, and the thinking does take a bit out of you. Only got one left on tuesday :) Worst question so far, is from CS: "A company selling allergy-tracking software has decided to give it free to kindergartens with the work "banana" in their name. Your local kindergarten doesn't qualify, but you've managed to obtain a pirate copy. Discuss the ethical issues raised in this scenario." :S - I mean, it's worth 1/12th of the marks, you'd think they could give us a realistic scenario.
2) Music: I got the most recent Fastball album: "Keep your wig on". I've been listening to it all through exams, maybe I'll post a review here when I've completely formed opinions, but so far it's as great as the others :) The writing side of things has slowed, but now I have full shhet music for Dire Straits' Best-of album, so hopefully that'll get me back into it after tuesday.
3) Programming: The Order Manager component that I designed has now completed it's development stage...(finally)...so, if the submitter gets more than 70, my work there is done, and I can enjoy the winnings :)
Also, recently for my mum's birthday I wrote a Sudoku solving & generating program, so if you're interested you can find it here.
4) Procrastination: Of course, with every exam, there's the yearly exam procrastination technique...last time it was composing, this time it's AOE2. Been playing waaay too much against ppl from uni, but that only heightens the anticipation for AOE3 which is now out just in time for christmas!
OOh...and on that, it's my bday soon, on the 19th...unfortunately, I'll be in ACT so miss out on a number of things happening that weekend, but what can you do?
Finally, A Haiku I wrote - see if you can spot what's different about it :p
O M G!! B. S!!!!
W T F...R U O K?
S - I M O K!


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