The wonder of the English Language

For the language that it supposedly the easiest to learn and use, the English language has some weird areas. For example, name the opposites of these words: Replaceable, Redeemable. Easy, right? Now try the opposite of Regardless, or Respective...if you apply the rule, you don't get the opposite, you just get a longer word which means exactly the same thing! rightio....
Similarly, you walk *onto* a bus, and after than you are 'on' the bus, even though you aren't on top of it. Really, you're inside it, but you certainly don't walk *into* a bus, that'd be disaterous :p - And, thank's for Tom for this one (you learn something new every day) when you get of the bus, you 'alight' from it! Nothing to do with fire, but when you get off a vehicle a word you can use for that verb is 'alight'...
On the music side, two new songs are coming along very nicely. One of them is my attempt at a piano piece - sounds kinda classical-ish / bad-stage-showish, but I can't play all that well so it's pretty basic at the moment, but sounds ok. The other has lyrics from Thuc ( in an attempt to make me write happy songs, and it seems like it's working :D I've never really tried celebration / dance music before, but it seems ok, will post more when it's finished. Cherio!


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