oooo..pretty colours...

Hmm...weekends are nice. Especially ones which last 4 days :)
Although, i guess you can't call the first two days 'weekend'...techincally you could almost call it 'work', trying to progress in two tournaments. yet....bad news >< free trip to US for me this year.
both were cutting down to the top 100, and as i'm ranked just a bit above that, i guess i could've been expected to miss out in both of them, but was a bit depressing to lose twice in two days. To make it worse, the only reason i failed in the TCO was due to a *really bad* problem statement, which redefined the word 'optimal' to mean 'must be strictly better than everything else, otherwise there is no optimal' and followed this up by giving a bad example which made it seem like they hadn't redefined a word...many people failed the question, those lucky enough to have spotted the change were able to get enough challenges to progress :(
However, weekend should be nice...time to relax. Where 'relax' means work on stuff for fun, like Blog Watcher :) It's had a massive facelift, thanks to the suggestions of a talented web designer I know. When I fix some issues, and add some functionality, might be able to 'release' the site to the general public ;)
For now though, it's getting ready for ACM (university programming comp) and doing more TopCoder designs...recently, due to lack of submissions, they decided to randomly up all the prizes by $200...i'm not complaining ;)


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