Corporate world

There you go, I have now joined the google-ad-world. I'm not sure exactly how AdSense works, but i think if anyone clicks on a link above and buys something, i get some of the proceeds. Probably unlikely to happen, but if Google are nice enough to provide us with Blogger, I may as well help them out i guess.
In more bloggish news, there was another TopCoder match for money...but I did rather badly, so I won't be able to shout anyone anything at the UniBar, I'm sorry :p I did however last match manage to get the fastest submission for a question, for the first time ever :) And the design I won has almost finished development phase, so that'll be over soon, and the one i've just started has had a 5-day extension, because they had to change things (even though they actually made it easier...) :D
Tomorrow I have the annual checkup with my diabetes specialist...time for the H1bAc results. Kinda like a 'have-you-been-a-good-boy' lie-detector test to see how my blood sugar levels have been going in the last few months. Should be interesting.
Finally...anyone know who visitor 666 was?


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