Counting down the days

I've had a strange feeling over the last week or so that I'm just counting down the days, waiting for something BIG to happen....only problem is, I have no idea what this thing is, any suggestions?
Anyway, i've been thinking about acronyms (as one does) and have come to the conclusion that:
1) Microsoft is trying to trademark as many 2-letter acronyms as possible. They've already taken XP, NT, MS, XL, IE, ... i mean, there's only 676 possibilites, when should we start getting worried? So long as they let me keep PC for my initials without having to pay royalties.
2) Linux, on the other hand, is trying to associate itself with three letter acronyms: KDE, BSD, gcc, GNU, ... note that sometimes, to avoid clashes with with Microsoft two-letter-acronyms, recursive definitions are required (Gnu's Not Unix, for example, instead of simply NU, same goes with KDE). Notice that, by using 3 letters, Linux has many more possibilities for extension, but requires a bit more work to keep track of.
4) Finally, there's Apple. If you haven't noticed already, their naming is simple: call it something interesting, then stick an i in front. Like, iTunes, iPod, iMac, iRiver, iPatch, iiCaptain and the OS (iOfThe)Tiger. As you can see, apple's names are clean, easy to understand, pretty to look at but not really anything new.
ooo...and my cover of Boulevard of Broken dreams reached #5 on the soundclick rock cover charts many people I don't know have been listening, kinda weird, but if any of them were you, thanks! Oh, and i realise the only comment here is sad (comment spam, that is - they should know noone reads my comments) :p
Haven't coded much recently, been busy designing, but I have made some AI for a nice Robocode bot, including this (guess what it's used for?):
double nxtDirec = Math.toDegrees(Math.atan2(willBeY - getY(), willBeX - getX()));


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