Bug Fixed :D

PatFute 3D has it's memory leak removed. Turns out I was creating a new font every time I wrote anything to screen and never deleting them. And by 'creating' I mean getting openGL to automatically create a new bitmap of the character set of the font, which gets quite large in size very quickly. Anyhoo, it's fixed, and you can get it from here. If that doesn't work, go here first and click on the 'PatFute 3D' link :D
Oh, and as the headline says, the ACM results are offical! We can now claim to be the #1 team in Australia, so now can start practicing and planning for our trip to San Antonio, Texas. So long as it's not flooded by any hurricanes, I hope, for our sake and more importantly the sake of all citizens of USA, that Rita doesn't hit land....
in TC (TopCoder) news, the project which I won ages ago has finally reached development stage. Which means now I have to answer questions from 10 or more coders who are trying to develop what I've designed :p
It's now holidays, so interesting stuff is bound to happen, but for now it's just more programming practice ;)
I haven't done this in a while, but I'll leave you with the bit of code that fixed the memory leak:
void GLFontRenderer::SetUpFont(int fontSize, std::string fontName){
// destroy first:
Destroy(); // <-- added this


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