Really short update, just to say something excellent arrived in the mail:

Pegasi merchandise! Not bad quality if I may say so myself :) Nothing else too interesting happening over here, more from me when it does. I hope all is well for the two or three people reading this :p


  1. Yo Pat!
    I don't suppose there's more than one such item of merchandise. I would buy a Pegasi jumper if it supports the band. I would even wear it in Summer.
    Nah quiz seems to be a lot less popular nowadays. No-one's been for a few weeks. Maybe it's just not as Crumpalicious without you and Bodie and Courteney and stuff. Apparently two teams won the jackpot question one night, but I wasn't there.
    Denley says you'll come back for Easter, so I'm looking forward to that. Keep up the fine blogging.


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