new Office()

(Apologies for the bad programmer joke in the title)

So, as promised, news this week from Sydney is all about the move to the new office in Pyrmont. It's a bit longer walk in every morning, but I don't mind it mainly because this is what it looks like - Firstly, our actual office. I'm on the sixth floor...that's right, there seem to be only five. Because mine is the small one up the very top, complete with balcony outside and large actual cafe, and the best views in the place!
If you're wondering what the view is like, here's one taken from  just outside the building, with a view similar to that out the window near my desk or out the balcony at the cafe. Notice the nice coat-hangery thing:
Now, it's true that I've been working quite late recently, apologies for being hard to get in contact with. After this week things should settle down a bit, but even now, working late isn't all that bad due to actual dinners served at work, plus the following view while eating dinner:
and this view on the walk home across darling harbour:
And that's about it for this update - not much else is happening, except maybe making another pumpkin pie (mmmmyum) and playing more soccer against ebay, now that we have a grassy area very close by. I've also booked flights for the easter long weekend, so anyone in Adelaide, I'll catch up with you then!


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