Moving (and shaking?)

To start with, just letting everyone know that yes, I did go hypoglycemic at work, but received some glucagon quickly and am now back to normal, and have arranged a slight insulin adjustment with a local specialist who I'm seeing again in a month.

But on to happier things - firstly, Kensington. It just so happens that my place here is within walking (and hearing) distance of the SCG, which was rather fortunate as on saturday the Sound Relief concert was held there, so saturday involved waking up at noon with Coldplay coming through the window, and having dinner to the sounds of Jet. Then sunday came complete with amazing sunset:

We also move Google office this weekend, to the new location on the pyrmont side of Darling Harbour - but with views of the bridge, I am told. I haven't seen it yet, but things to look forwards to include a huge cafe kitchen (as in, actual chefs on staff i believe), themed rooms like the treehouse library (although, the theme near me is apparently 'dunny and algae', not sure why...) plus having an actual desk next to the people I'm working with. Pictures of the surrounding area shall hopefully be added to this blog in the next few weeks.

Having said that, I have a feeling the next two weeks will be hurrendously busy for me due to some pending deadlines, so apologies if I am hard to contact. Preempting this, I decided to try something recommended by an American friend...pumpkin pie:

And after the amazing success, it's my new #1 thing to make (maybe I'll prepare one over Easter if I'm in Adelaide and have some victims to try it on) - so it appears vegetables can be used in desserts.

The last picture is just a small aside as to what happens when you try to copy Ikea and have instruction manuals with no words. You get cute little steps like this one, I'll let you decipher what step 4 does...


  1. It's a battery charger that you plug into the wall for 16 hours. Or is it just steroids?
    You could show the chefs how to make pumpkin pie. And I wonder if they'll have bananas as snacks in the library.
    I heard there's only one Pegasi jumper, well it's an AWESOME Pegasi jumper.
    Stay cool Pat.


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