Two Twisted

In the spirit of the new Australian tv show (which I haven't seen, I'm just stealing the name, sorry) comes two back-two-back narratives from today:
Tale #1: Bus Prophet (starring 4yo kid and grandfather)
-- *bump*, bus hits kurb while going around roundabout --
kid] Papa...did we just hit something?
man] Yes, our bus just hit the kurb when going around the roundabout.
-- kid thinks for 10s --
k] Papa...why did we just the kurb?
m] Because he's a lousy driver.
-- kid thinks for 1 minute, waits until the bus is quiet, then in a REALLY loud voice:
{we now skip 20 minutes ahead in time}
k] Papa...why are there no seatbelts on busses?
m] They don't think they're needed.
k] But...the driver wears a seatbelt?
m] That's right. They say it'd be too expensive to put them on every seat.
k] That's Silly!! *10s pause for thought* much do seatbelts cost??

Deep. At least, about as deep as Australian drama gets :) But stay tuned in, for...
Tale #2: My 2c times 5
pat] Time for a drink.
coke vending machine] Warning!! Please enter correct change!
p] Ok vending machine, take my 20c piece.
cvm] *gulp*. Thankyou, you're up to 00:20
p] Have this 50c piece too.
cvm] *gulp* 00:70 now, only $2 to go.
p] Rightio then, here's a $2 coin.
cvm] *bleurrgh* NO WAY! Have it back.
p] Hmm...try again. $2 goes in...
cvm] *bleurrgh* NO NO NO! I accept all coins except 5c pieces and that $2 coin.
p] Maybe you're programmed by a CS student...oh well, I have no other coins, can I have my 70c back? --pushes refund button--
cvm] *cough* 20c *cough* 20c *cough* 20c. You're up to 00:10
p] But...20 + 20 + 20 = 60c...not 70c?
cvm] haha, yes. too bad, bye bye.
-- pat successfully challenges coke programmers for -10c --

For non TopCoder-ers, in contests you get 50 points when you find a bug in someone else's code. It appears the prize in real life is -10c, oh well. Enjoy, to whomever drank from that next and got a free 10c. The annoying thing was, I didn't have a 10c piece on me. Otherwise I would've put it in, pressed refund, and waited for another 20c piece...lateral thinking :p (now I know how I end up with so many 20c pieces...)
Speaking of programming (i was...kinda) the IOI is on. Best of luck to the australian team :D - In addition, the Google Code Jam 06 has been announced. The times are REALLY good for australians, and the dates are around the ACM, so it's going to get very busy very soon...more later, after I've finished this currrent design and the TCCC starts :D


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