Guilty of Gross Stupidity

It's happened again...sporting stars, found guilty of gross stupidity. Last time it was Barry Hall (there aren't too many words to describe 'punching someone in a semifinal') and now, the cycling world tops it with Floyd Landis. There would be few out there who think he's perfectly clean, but then again there are plenty of other athletes guilty of drug cheating. The thing that gets me about this case, though, is how he managed to get 10 minutes behind on stage 16, then the *very next day*, stage 17, suddenly thrash everyone by six minutes. Add to this his claim that he has naturally increased testosterone levels, even though the extra found was artificial, this seems to win the sporting stupidity award for the week.
This is not confined to the sporting field though. Recently, a man put a 14-month-old girl into a tumble dryer because he thought it would be fun for her. It is unlikely that there was any malicious intent, but there's laws against being dangerous, maybe there should be laws against being stupid? The problem with stupid acts is that often people are repeat offenders, and it's hard to tell when the next will occur...
For example, a certain parental tried to guess when I'd be at the busstop, without telling me, but she went to the wrong stop. I realised this only as the bus was pulling out. too late :( So instead I walked home from a closer stop to my house, and waited for said parental to get home. When that occurred, as expected, I was blamed for 'forcing' her to wait at the {wrong} stop. Ok, first time, i wouldn't have minded, it was a caring thought. Second time, it's getting a bit repetative, especially after I had pointed out the right stop that I get off at. But THIRD time? tis a bit much...
And in slighty related news, from the paper today: 7% of australian year 7s can spell 'definitely', 35% don't know there's an apostrope in 'can't', 56% don't know that 'calm', 'still' and 'unexpected' are adjectives, 47% can't spell 'paid', and 65% don't correct 'could of' to 'could have'. Add this to the up-late gameshow, where contestants had to guess a 6 letter word, ending in 'ner', and the guesses included "spanner", "spinner", "grinner" and "funner". Can anyone spell "dumbed down"? I guess soon maybe not...
Sorry bout the rant-ish nature, here's something to cheer ppl up - music on treadmills :D


  1. haha patto!

    its awesome those treadmills hey! i was firstly amused by the thought of one of them saying 'hmm i have this idea...dancing on treadmills...' and imagining what kind of reaction he got. secondly way to much free time, its one of those things u think of and never do!


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