Have music, will play

Yes! I now am in possession of a KEYBOARD :D :D - Thanks very much to Bodie for providing the keybaord, and his dad for fixing it. Sooooo fun, 100 different instrument sounds plus 30 drum beats and all these weird effects, surely will come handy when recording :) {in fact, a sample is at my music site - check the song "End of Story"} So nice to be able to record piano (or rock organ, or harmonica, or bagpipes, or.... :p). Oh, and the Boulevard of Broken dreams has randomly become popular again, reaching #69 in the soundclick charts, and getting about 5 plays a day :)
On the other side of things, programming has been in full steam over the holidays, during our 'summer scholarship' = getting paid to come in most days and practice algorithm competitions. I think i'd prefer to have a bit more free time (missed out on beach soccer :( ) but it's nevertheless enjoyable and getting paid is nothing to sneeze at. Ooh, and on the computing front, I will also be spending quite a bit of time playing AOE3. after the amazing playability of the last one, now they've made a very well-designed in-game multiplayer program, plus made the graphics simply amazing and the strategy level has gone through the roof - just my type of thing :) So Blog Watcher has been pushed back even further, but once I finish the scholarship thing I'll be able to fix the last few optimisations ready for general release :D
And that, my friends, is the way the cookie crumbles so far.
Edit: and before i forget, check this site out: http://blogwatcher.thebaileys.name/ - it's *another* blogwatcher site, similar idea but goes about it in another way - less GUI, but it gives you all of the posts in all of your watches in one place, and does it quickly.


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