Go Fed!

Yes, it's that time of year again - final of the Australian Open, time to be entertained by Federer as he wins again :) - It's good to see that Mauresmo has won her first slam, even though the situation was rather Bradbury-esque (as in the skater, not the writer).
Holidays have FINALLY started :D - time to start doing all those things I've been putting off...well, that and the TopCoder Open for 2006 has started - 5 weeks of designing :p - Ah, chances of me getting through to the final is very low, but as long as I pass review 3 times I'll be happy :D
Ooh, another idea that probably won't be made but should: RFID driveway gates! I don't have a gate across my driveway, but I'm sure people who do could get tired of having to get out of the car to open & close them all the time...so why not get the gate to do it automagically? Easy done - put an RFID tag in the back & front of your car (or, any car you want to be able to get through the gate), such that when you approach the gate it opens itself, and when you drive through it closes again. Of course, there'd have to be some safety measures (manual override, detection that there's nothing in the way when it closes, etc..) but these are all pretty standard, so wouldn't be too hard to add. As a bonus, other cars wouldn't be able to enter without knowing the code on your RFID chip, and you could add this to your garage door so you didn't have to open/close that either :)
More music & code soon - activity with lemonade is definitely picking up
Oh, and one last thing i should add...my hated-songs liks is growing..."Goodbye my lover" is now high up on the waaaay-too-repetative charts, and I literally could not listen to all of "Voodoo Child", which I'm not even going to say is "by" Rogue Traders because the riff belongs to Elvis Costello (Pump It Up) which is a much better song. Oh, and Watching You is also "by" Rogue Traders, stealing the My Sharona riff...I guess new material is just too hard.


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