Happy 2 x 17 x 59

Hope everyone a great New Years :) - Movie night was fun, I've now seen Shrek 2 and Saw, the latter was suprisingly good, I'll have to see the sequel at some stage, even if the rest of my family don't think they can stomach it.Anyway, to make this blog more than just a what-I-did-today saga, I'll be adding a few things, starting today with an idea that I was wondering what people thought of:

R2R (right-to-reply) for SMS messaging:
Bascially, after any SMS is sent, the receiver has a certain amount of time (maybe 30s, not sure) to reply a single message, possibly with tighter length constraints, back to the person who sent them the original message. This way:
  • People who don't like using much credit / have no credit can reply to messages that need replying to. {like..."Can you pick me up?"}
  • You could feasibly have a phone with no credit and use it for communication - big benefit of this will be for parents who can give their kids phones with NO credit, yet still check up on them if they need to.
The problem would be the implementation, and getting phone companies to accept less profit. Regarding the second bit, something like this is likely to encourage more SMS / phone usage, which brings more customers, more spamming, more promotions, more ringtone profit etc...and for the first bit - i'm not sure of the protocols exactly in how messages are sent, but I believe the difficulty in sending them comes from establishing a link between the two (possibly roaming) phones, but if it were possible to set up a temporary persistent link (only needs to be 30s or so), that should allow for the R2R response to be sent back, at minimal extra cost. Sound promising?

On other matters, at Soundclick my "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" recording has finally overtaken "My Immortal" for most plays...funny that it took over 1100 before it was passed. Kinda weird that they still get 2 or 3 plays a day, too. OOH - and Blog Watcher is moving along nicely...currently in the process of a major overhaul, after which it should be ready for general opening :) - 30 views a day, 25 members and 66c from google ads so far


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