Blog Watcher has moved! It's now on a server that I (part) own - thanks again Raf for organising that one - so can people update their links to! Thanks - there's now a nicer automated registration process, so you can tell others about it as I don't need to sign people up manually now. (Oh, and sorry for the google ad, it was just too tempting :p). And those people who were already members, if possible can you send me an email (padsterpat at gmail dot com) with your current email address so I can update the database? thanks :)
Summer scholarship has started...programming all day for most weekdays, fun fun fun :D
Hopefully Blog Watcher will be faster soon, I'll post whenever it gets updated. Ta!


  1. Thanks for contacting me about your application, and it's similarity to mine. I've posted something about it on my site, in case my users want to check yours out.

    Cross-pollenation of ideas is always a good thing in programming projects.


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