Yet again, me is off to the nation's capital, staying at ANU for 10 days to help train people in programming, and probably learn a few things myself. Which means I won't be in the normal levels of contact until i get back (late on the 15th) - so, to all those people with birthdays, valedictories, soccer matches....or anything really - enjoy life here in SA while I'm gone!
It seems that this year, like the last two, there will be no girls at the programming camp...the gender that makes up 52% of this country, you'd hope that something like this wasn't so gender-inbalanced...though, looking at the TopCoder member audience, the IOI participants and the IT industry in general, it does seem like a trend. I wonder why, even maths isn't this one-sided. Is it the way it's promoted? The fact that it's computer-related? The testing process?....hmm, if you have any thoughts pls add them to the comments, they'd be much appreciated.
Back to the music side of things, another finished song!!! Sadly, due to broken string and no keyboard yet, this also has no recording, so you'll just have to trust me, or just make something up in your head as you read the lyrics (kindly provided by Mr. Ashton again :D, found at the usual now-different-looking gyronet site). Hopefully I should be working on more while in ACT {though, with no guitar access that might be tricky} but more happier songs I hope will be coming soon...maybe trying some trance / dance even...
[EDIT: while i'm gone it looks like the 1000th visitor might come up! If you notice it's you, tag your name to claim a prize...well, there's no prize, but you can have the fame nevertheless]


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