keep on keeping on

For those people having a bad week...if only there were some way for me to lend you some hapiness, i seem to have more than enough...why, you may ask?
Well, programming (again, no suprise), in summary:
1) Made it to round 2 of TopCoder Open. I've never passed quals before, this is two steps further, and top 400 in world! I get my free shirt, and have chances at winning $$ :D
2) Made it to the first round of Google Code Jam. This is cool too, cos first round here is top 500, out of over 4000 coders. I also went really quickly, and came high in my room (check here) which made me feel -> :D
I was rather relieved to qualify, because onsite has 100 competitors, and i'd be seeded about #100, so if I perform consistently i might get a free trip to Google headquarters!
3) Got enough points to get 1st in a design :D...$$$...awesome
4) I've had hardly any work at uni...everything seems to be stuff from last week that i finished then because i didn't realise we had two weeks to do everything. This has meant I've had more time to stuff around, and in doing so have rediscovered flash games....espcecially this site, in particular 'rich racer' has awesome graphics (i mean...for a flash game, it's *amazingly* good) and 'unfolding puzzle' simply because it's so programming-based (graph theory, plana graphs, etc..)
However, this all means that i'll be rather busy over the next few days...might be skipping uni a bit, and the days i do go i may not get the chance to visit the unibar, sorry bout that.
Oh, and before the pool game is made, i'm thinking of making a small minigame, probably multiplayer, colourful, noisy and high scores :D...any suggestsions??


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