Coding week

Ok, wow, so much to report since last's all so cool, anyway, here's a summary of my week:
0) Last Friday (i know, it's not part of this week, but hey!) WIN indoor soccer division grand final! Get hit in the eye and partially blinded by the ball :( Score a goal while I can't see :) Get hit again in the same eye :( Score *again* using my now-patented cornder-drag-move :) miss penatly :( win 5-2 :D get free beanie :S Anyway, special congrats to Sarah on her hatrick + Ron on his super-keeper skills.
1) Monday...back to uni, meh, but free-pooling & darts til 5 was nice.
2) Tuesday...not much,
i guess you could say Algebra tute is actually looking rather nice (good other students, audience participation and all), but nothing much happened cos i was getting ready for:
3) Tuesday night / Wednesday morning: TopCoder SRM 256 (yes, 2^8, also had 666 registrants...) i came 13th overall!! Got 2nd highest score (=2nd fastest soltuion) out of anyone for the hardest question in the whole comp, as well as finishing 20 mins early allowing me to make killer test cases which raised my score by 50pt, and my rating is now 2099, which puts me #105 in the world :D
4) Wednesday morning, about 4am: Checked my most recent submitted design component, which i wasn't too sure was going to score enough to do ok. Turns out i score a bit over 84, which is my best ever result and possibly puts me in line to earn another US$400 :D :D - find out tomorrow probably. Finally go to sleep, gotta coach soccer tomorrow in the rain so don't want to fall asleep :p
5) Wednesday night: Submitted the design i've been most confident about ever. Turns out there was only one other submission...this means if i get >70pt (extremely likely), another guarenteed US$400 :) This also means i'll get at least 21 points for the TopCoder Open CDDC...not sure if that's enough to get into top 8 for paid trip to US, will have to wait a week to find out. U'r probably not, but if anyone wants to follow how i do, u can see the rankings here, where me = sql_lall. Anyway, those results are from after week 3, and there are 5 weeks in which i anticipate i'll get 7 in both.
So, for now, it's working on uni stuff (what uni stuff? :p) and also something that lets you follow blogs and tells you whether any have been updated since you last viewed them...should be done by this weekend at the latest.
Tonight, how could i leave you with anything else but some of my 1000pt code:
same[iA][iB][jA][jB][at] = (same[iA+1][iB+1][jA][jB][1-at] && same[iA][iB][jA+1][jB+1][1-at]) && (imageA[iA+sz][jA+sz] == imageB[iB+sz][jB+sz]);


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