Ahhhh! Gotta breathe in the bimbo-free air. I know it sounds mean, but in a 40min bus trip to uni, sitting behind me were two 17-yearold Vicky Pollards (from the TV show Little Britain...If you've seen it you'll know :p) ...oh the agony, 40 mins of non-stop high-pitched mindless chatter about anything and everything requiring no thought...Here's a few memorable quotes:
  • "I like Playboy.....and Barbie, "
  • "Why do we always look slutty in pictures??? I don't think we should take pictures on the bus." (said when taking a picture using a phone camera.)
  • "We were watching that Britney Speares you think Alyce looks like her?" "No way! She's just died her hair! Anyway, she's a mole!"
  • "Hey, can you go up to my boyfriend, and ask him who he thinks is or Joss?" "ok...i'll go up to him and be like 'hey, who is prettier? Nicole or Joss' and he'll be all like 'ew...Joss? Nicole is sooo much hotter'"
  • "WeWentToOurBeachHouseAtKoombiewoombieBayAndThenIGotTheNumberOfThisGuy
Now, read the last quote again, but twice as fast, and you get an idea of what this ride was like :p
In other news, came 11th i think for the TopCoder design competition, algorithm one starts very soon...oh, and we won soccer again! 8-3, despite Ron's near-broken finger and my near-broken nose :p
Been working on a java applet to run an MSN-like program, will give you more news when it's done :)


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