More Beans

First up, I recently found out that my second-last blog entry 'Beans' did rather well in the contest it was written for, in fact coming in the top 10! So many thanks to Bodie for helping with the eloquence, and to all the folks running the NetBeans contest.
This is only a short entry to let readers know that I've managed to get myself a job at a little-known website company who have an office in Sydney. Which means moving at the start of next year, and making the most of Adelaide until then (hopefully I'll be able to come back on some weekends too).
Speaking of which, my band should soon have a name, and once a permanent drummer is found, the next step is finding gigs (probably some time after ski-trip in the mid-year break) so I'll keep you posted.
Oooh, and the most recent TCO just finished, congrats to the winners and JD on his 4th place (competing in style wearing sunglasses). Until next time, adios!


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