Happy Bond Year ('007) to all!
I'm not really one for resolutions - I figure, if something's good enough to do, you should not need the last digit of the date to change before you do it - but I have set a few aims for the year. E.g. getting a medal in the ACM finals, reaching a TopCoder onsite again, getting HDs for all my uni subjects {still not sure if the 84 will stand from last semester}.
Another is related to my most recent aim - eventually getting a car. Currently aiming at one of these:
Unfortunately, when getting an insurance quote, I get hit with a few additional costs due to being young, male, and not having driven for long (yes, that's on top of being young...). Anyway, the hope is to cover insurance from TopCoder designs over the summer - 22% done so far, still a bit of a way to go. The final resolution is to learn as much of Octavarium as possible - still a long way to go there too :p
Ooh, and thanks to those helping bug-fix padster::gyronet tools {tag board should work for IE users now, and some share bugs are corrected after the change of price sources}.


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