js / css / php .... TCX!

So, what does a programmer do when taking a week off? Program a website, of course!
Well...I have been contracted to help out the Debating SA website, so figured I'd do some practice with a website of my own. A while ago, someone had come up with the idea of a fantasy stock market where 'companies' were TopCoder members, and their 'prices' were related to their rating. So here it is: http://padster.gyronet.org/tc/TCX/
With over 110 members, and averaging 2000 hits a day, seems like it's doing well :D The test will come just after the next SRM, the first time when share prices actually change.
Back on designing - I've managed to somehow get 4 1sts in a row, so car insurance is covered! :D
and soccer is back!! cool -have a good week all


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