S.W.A.T week

It's that time of year again - when uni world is turned on its head, as the arts students hit the keyboards and the eng students hit the books (metaphorically, but quite possibly physically too). Good luck for all those with essays due over the next few days, and for all those who have exams starting soon. Due to going away to San Diego (14th->20th) I miss the 2nd week of exams, so my schedule looks like: swat week 1 - exam week 1 (2 exams) - USA week - holiday week - swat week 2 - exam week 2 (3 exams). So I get 3 weeks between exams, but I also am not finished until early december :(
Oh, and that's an intentional typo - it really *should* be called s.w.a.t week. Just because.
No word from Google, but they just had their big tournament last weekend (congrats to the winner, Petr) so hopefully will hear soon. This week is just about coding assignments, improving my tag board stuff, and hopefully writing/recording music. Then starting friday is final-design-week!
A few interesting observations from this week. First up is stats from a news article:
10 years ago, 75% of women with tertiary education had children.
over 90% of women without year 12 education had children.
Assuming that the education qualification level of parents has some bearing on the education level of their children, and the stats above are right, it doesn't take much maths to work out where those proportions are leading us. *sigh*
Anothing thing came from a ninemsn poll. I often try to guess the results, but this was a bit of a surprise:
Should companies be banned from moving jobs overseas?
Yes 183522
No 19411
that's right, 90% of people think it should be banned...90%! I knew it'd be over 50% (on the side of the little aussie battler patriots, as usual) but 90%? Why impose a legal ban on something that could be of benefit? If jobs are being moved overseas, maybe people should think why the local choices are not being used, not just put a flat ban 'to save jobs'. I think I may have said it before, but "We'll create jobs" is one of my most hated politics slogans, especially when the reason is "because it'll create jobs"...
And finally, I *still* don't understand the ARIAs. The winner of the 'best breakthrough single' was Youth Group's 'Forever Young'. I use that adjective loosely though - It was on their 3rd album (breakthrough?) and a cover of an older song. Happy Halloween!


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