Stuff while I'm gone

Ok, so TCCC design finals have started - under a cloud of mystery as one finalist is possibly disqualified and another takes their place :S
Anyway, my intention is to blog each day of this next week to track my progress, but as the contest is still running I can't post it til the end. So, while I'm away, I thought I'd leave a list of comedy things to be found on this interweb thingy to fill in time, one per site:
1) Wikipedia (search for "Baby Food")
2) Google videos
3) Youtube
4) Cyanide and Happiness
5) South Park episodes
6) Carlton Draught - more dancing =)
As a final thought, I'll leave you with something interesting today from a psych lecture:
Scenario 1: There are 4 cards on a table, each has a letter on one side and a number on the other. The faces you can see are: "A" "4" "D" and "7". If you want to test whether "All vowels have an even number on the other side" is true, what is the most number of cards you'll have to turn over, and which ones?
Answer: If you said '2 cards' you are right, but if one of them was "4" you'd be wrong. The two you need to turn are the "A" and "7" cards - the statement is equivalent to "All odd numbers have non-vowels on the other side" so you have to test the vowel and odd number cards to make sure the other side is what it must be.

Scenario 2: There are 4 people at a bar - the only thing you know about them is that: the first is drinking beer, the second is over 18, the third is drinking water and the last is under 18. Say you're the owner of the bar, you want to check that all alcohol drinkers are over 18 - who do you have to ask for age/drink type?
Answer: You have to ask person 1 if they're under 18, and the last if they're drinking alcohol, the other two are fine.

(highlight for answers)
Notice any similarity between the two? If you can solve #1 just as easily as #2, you should try programming :D
Edit: oh, and apparently youtube is may be sold to Google for US$1.6 billion...not bad - maybe blogwatcher is next?


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