It's official! - results of the TCCC design contest are out - I ended up with 40/40 pts, in the top 8, so get to go to San Diego California!!! Means I'll be away 14th->20th November - I miss the 2nd week of exams, so have to reschedule sitting 3 of *also* means that I'll be flying over the Atlantic on the 19th, and it'll last only a few hours before I cross the dateline. Last year I was in ACT for my birthday, this year it won't even happen! ....does that mean I stay 19??
Speaking of travelling, my parents leave for their 6-week european holiday after mum's retirement - Sis & I get to fend for ourselves at home, should be interesting...
In other news, the ACM final location has been announced, so it looks like my team & I will be in Tokyo in mid March '07. Our ACM prizes have also come in - not only is the iPod shuffle 1Gb, but it also has 'Google' written on the side =) Seriously, how much do you think it'd cost to have your company name put on the side of an iPod, before it's boxed...

Speaking of Google, I had my phone interview for the internship. I'll leave you with one of the questions - say you have a list of 1 billion pieces of information for places: {place, longitude, latitude} sets. Can you think of an efficient way to, given a longitude / latitude pair of values, find the closest places to the given point. If you have any ideas, tag them or add them to comments. The hint is, earlier in the conversation we had talked about B-trees...


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