Yep, Holidays have started!
"Wait!"...I hear you say..."Didn't they start saturday" - yeah, I guess, though now week 5 of the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge (TCCC) design contest has just ended, which means I get a break after working for almost 6 weeks straight :S - this week was particularly hectic though, due to ACM, Google Code Jam and TCCC algorithm *also* being on at the same time. The result? Prizes won this week:
  • 1 TCCC t-shirt for passing review in design
  • 1 TCCC t-shirt for participating in round 1 (yes, it's the same shirt)
  • 1 TCCC student rep. shirt for convincing someone to compete.
  • 1 GCJ shirt for coming in the top 250 in round 2.
  • 1 Google shirt for winning the ACM regional
  • 1 ACM shirt for attending the ACM regional
  • 1 iPod shuffle (apparently...still waiting) for winning ACM
  • 1 trip to Tokyo (probably) for winning ACM
  • 1 trip to San Diego, CA, for placing top 8 in TCCC Design (still pending)
Seriously though, what are you supposed to do with six programming shirts? If you add the Google shirt I just received for last year's ACM, that' per day!! Anyone want a shirt (seriously)? If someone reading this decides to hold a programming contest, can you please give away free pants? or maybe shoes...
This is just a random update at 2am cos I've been working today and feel like staying up, I'll post more interesting stuff soon, however all left today is the news that blogwatch has hit its next target :D


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