Jeez it's hot

Lessons learned this week: 1) Latte Iceshakes are very nice on a hot day, esp. if you want to stay awake and 2) Playing tennis for an hour in heat, then staying up to program in a contest at 3:30am til 7am, then playing soccer from 3pm that day is kinda tiring...esp. if you're unfit :D
Hope everyone is enjoying being back at uni / school / work / whatever - 12 contact hours per week for me, no days off, and about 6 or so un-timetabled prac hours, but i can even do them from home so it's not too bad.
This is mainly a programming-related post to say that blogwatcher is still going through its changes, but much closer to a state I'm happy with. Once I do some bug fixes, and remove the 'VIEW' buttons and make clicking on the links update the database, I'll probably take it out out of update-mode and v1.3 will be complete. Hopefully with the improvements I'll be able to release it to more people and the server will still cope.
In other news, looks like I just missed out on qualifying in that design tournament {scored 23, needed 28} but now instead I've got the algorithm tournament to take it's place ;) - each thurs lunch until I screw up and get eliminated (...probably soon...). The other project - openGL graphics that run on windows and unix {for Lemonade} is going well, I've managed to get a model drawer and camera system working on both, so next it's input & sound engines, then finally the game itself :)
Sorry for a rather non-interesting-subject post, but it's been two weeks so I figured I should update. Hopefully the next post will be later this week when BlogWatcher v1.3 is finished.


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