Blog Watcher 1.3 is out!

Quick update - i know i've been pretty lax of late, hopefully an interesting update will be coming soon. Anyway, this is just an announcement that Blog Watcher v1.3 is now in Beta :: that is, I've made all the changes I was hoping to, now it's just a matter of finding any unwanted behaviour. So, enjoy the new changes, play around with it, tell your friends, whatever :p
However, news is that two contests have started at blogwatcher!
#1) Bug Watcher: To encourage the finding of bugs, a Bug Watcher list has been set up, featuring the names of all the people who have found bugs in the site. If you find a bug you think needs fixing, send it to me at my gmail account, and I'll update the list. Winner will be determined...some time...and win...something. Note that a 'bug' in this case is unexpected behaviour, not just something you think I should add that I've been too lazy to add so far.
#2) Stylist: The style sheet for Blog Watcher is very nice {kudos to Dale and Jack}, much better than anything I could've done - however, I have it all set up to allow you to select your own style sheet, I just need more options. Feel free to grab the /styles01.css file from blogwatcher, play around with it, and send me in your styles! Winners will be determined...whenever they send styles in...and win...their name on a style :D
Thanks to members for all the help with Blog Watcher, it's getting really close to the general-release stage! The adsense is up to almost $6 as well {thanks Tom} :p
Other programming news: busy week. Thursday was TopCoder round 2 - I somehow came 34th, got through to final 200, winning $300 in the process, and round 3 is next thursday. Friday was FARIO, a cool contest run by the french and australian IOI team leaders. I was an 'observer' for this, mainly giving feedback on the questions. Got to write a genetic algorithm for one of the questions {which was cool!} but it flopped {not as cool} though i ended up doing well in the other questions and comign 4th :D Then saturday was USACO {like FARIO, but US based} which had *really* nice questions, not sure how I did. Sunday was rest, and monday was Blog Watcher v1.3 completion. sweet weekend :p


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