A long long time ago....

It came to my attention not all that long ago that, 10 years ago today, the first ever padsterprogramming blog post was made! It's really weird to think I've been recording thoughts in here for the last ten years, and all that has happened in that time (Blogger looks different, for one, as does my blog template...).

I read through all the posts last night in order to catch up with what I was doing over the last decade; apparently there was a time before I was doing TopCoder designs and ACM contests - the first post is from first year uni, so I was still into coding, but with a lot ahead of me yet...

Amusingly, there was quite a bit similar - apparently I was watching survivor (and it was already season #10: Palau. it's still going, now up to #30). I was planning on getting a 'proper watch' - which I recently just did again, upon leaving Zurich (Aerowatch this time, not Rado though). I was starting at Uni (oooh, so many posts about uni...), which will happen again in Canada at the end of this year. I was playing indoor soccer, which I've kept up (on and off) since, and while visiting am now even playing with a spiritual successor of the same team! And I was doing coding projects (then it was Blog Watcher, now it is Line Tracker...I really haven't improved my naming scheme).

Lots has changed though - for one, my posts converted from short-text personal updates (mostly about coding) to more thought out, longer posts with pictures; probably related to the former going to the more transient social networks instead (myspace! plus livejournal, facebook, and now G+). I've done quite a lot more travelling too - in that decade, I lived in five places in two countries, plus visited seven continents and blogged about nineteen visits. I made it to 5 world programming finals, had an internship at SAAB then started working at Google, including launching Wave and working on this very product (Blogger, especially comments). And of course, there was the time Federbear first appeared (although lesson learnt: don't use images hosted elsewhere - mostly only my own picasa ones are still around).

On the more amusing side of things, this blog did at one point get killed. I don't recall how I ended up so emo at the time to do so, but I do remember feeling sheepish with every post afterwards... It was weird to read about a time before the iPod (and hence iPhone and iPad), back when I still had a USB mp3 player and thought that everything should be XML based.

I've also already done some retrospective posts (five years apart, before, and after), so know enough to realize any that predictions now of where I'll be in another ten years will be far off. Maybe starting uni again while watching survivor and playing indoor soccer? Now there's a thought...

Finally, I leave with the picture I'm most proud of in this blog over the decade. Plus, I never did find out from 2006: "When Nappy companies claim that their new products are more comfortable than their last...how do they know?? Are there professional nappy testers?". Cya in 10!

The treachery of rubbish bins 


  1. Happy 10th blogiversary!
    Funny how we sometimes seem to go in circles.

    1. Thanks Lynne - it'll be cool to look back in 2025 and see which cycles have repeated that time.
      btw, I see you've been keeping your blog even longer than me!


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