Antarctica photos!

The photos from Antarctica (A8A) are [mostly] ready! Big thanks to the photographers in our group who took the pictures and edited them, but below are some of the sights we saw (with as little text as possible):

1) Welcome to Antarctica - the land of snow, ice and water...
2) ...and mountains and clouds...
3) ...and penguins!...
4) ...and seals!...
5) ...and whales!...
6) ...and blue sky and kayaks...
7) ...and snow mixed with black volcanic ash, plus abandon wooden boats.
8) The path I took...
4) ...and the people I travelled with...

That's it! Until next post, Penguin Pat
(note: for those wanting them who I will see in person at some point, I have bigger and more photos too, but they're too big and numerous for this blog).


  1. wonderful set of photos!
    cool(i bet it is)!

  2. This is amazing!
    I am still dreaming of the day I get to travel to such a place, and the photography- it is terrific!
    You must have had the best time of your life!
    For not much being written, this post is very inspirational :D

  3. hi there ^^! how are you?
    keep up the good work!

  4. Wow, those are some amazing looking pictures. You must have had fun.

  5. Just randomly came across your blog and the photos are completely amazing! Very beautiful!!!!

  6. Those are some amazing photographs.

  7. You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too thanks

  8. OH my! that was an amazing photos.


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