Xmas / New Years

Firstly, a very happy 2010 to all readers. Not really a technical update this time, more just some pics from my first new years in Sydney. As some of you know, I was in SA over Xmas (shout-out to all those in Adelaide, especially those I didn't have time to catch up with) - which included two days away from phone & internet, a definite change from the usual Google life but a welcome relaxation nonetheless.

Then, back to NSW for two days of work and fireworks! This was my first ever NYE in Sydney, I've never seen the fireworks before so that's where I was headed. After finishing work around 6, I was headed to Rushcutter's Bay where some friends had camped out at a nice spot (Thanks Sophia et al!), as you can see in the picture, it included a view of the bridge, lots of grass to sit on, and not too far away from a few other fireworks sources too.

Some pics! Not too great because I only had a phone cam, but still, this is kinda what it's like: (second one is a test of Camera Tossing)

So that's about it, really short update this time. I'll leave you with the two most interesting drunk-stranger moments:
  1. On the train home (always a good start...) a group of about 8 folks get on - I'd say probably late 20s, looking like they've had a few too many. They're talking loudly to each other but generally causing no-one any harm. Near the end of the trip, one of the more blokey looking guys turns to me & Katie and asks: "Hey...it's ok for guys to hug eachother, right? Guy's can do that, yeah?". After taking a little while to process the question and answer with a safe "...uh, yeah, sure" the guy then shouts down the other end of the train: "See Brian*, it's fine. Come on, give me a hug!". *I can't recall the guy's name, substituting with Brian instead.
  2. About 30 mins after the midnight fireworks, we're in the middle of cleaning up and waiting for a large part of the crowd to leave. While sitting on a rug, Katie leaning next to me, some random drunk girl hugs me from behind, proclaiming: "Ooooh, you look lonely. Cheer up, Happy New Year!...." at this point is distracted by noticing Katie, and suddenly changes to "....ooh, you have a girlfriend...not so lonely then...have a great 2010!"
  3. Bonus points to the courageous pair I passed on the walk home, who in response to any loud random drunken shouts of "woooo" or similar, would reply with "woooo....Binge drinking" in a really unenthusiastic voice.


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