It's official! My workplace has just been declared the #1 place to work in Australia!
Now, it's hard to say whether this is true, as I've really only worked at one place (well..maybe two if you count SAAB), but it is rather nice. The food is still excellent, we now have a new pool table, and I'm starting to enjoy the flexible working hours - recently I picked up some flu going around (NOT swine flu) and have been able to take a few days off, doing some work from home.

In the meantime, I've found out I get a three week trip to the US (providing the aforementioned flu thing doesn't get out of control)! All new fulltimers get to visit the homebase in mountain view for some training. Which means I'm out of sydney from 22nd May - 12th June, but also that I get to check out the famed Googleplex, complete with numerous cafes and even ball pit! I'll try to remember to take plenty of pictures. Apologies in advance to all those with birthdays in early June that I'm going to miss =(

Everything else going fine in syd - had diabetes and dentist checkups, everything looking good (except...yay! root canal. but only one), I might be relocating house shortly after returning from training, mostly due to cheaper & closer to work, just trying to arrange things this end.

I've been lazy and not taken any pictures this week, but instead, here's a video from a guy at work of what showed up over the harbour at work today:


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