TToT, tfWDtetth, Prologue

In the unlikely event that an observer to this blog has remained a reader after the last few entries, and the long gaps between them, I present to you the blogvella "The Tale of Thuc, the first Wraith Dragon to ever talk to herself".

In a time not unlike our own, in a land not unlike present day earth, there lived a colony much unlike our own kind. Their kind flew. Their kind are exceptionally skilled in martial warfare and live by sucking the life from their prey. Their kind are Wraith Dragons, much feared for their telepathic communication and abilities in regeneration.
Among this settlement however, there is one who has recently distinguished themselves from the others - one who has a talent unknown to the others, and who because of this evades their elders, instead spending time training themselves for battles among assassins, sourcerer and other rogues in far off lands. All of this because this Wraith Dragon - born to the name Thuc but feared by her enemies as Rawnblade, was the first dragon with the power of self-communication. While giving the perception of insanity, this ability gave her talents unknown to the other Wraith Dragons, and at this stage, unknown to Rawnblade herself.

(stay tuned for chapter 1, if it is ever written)


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