They say a picture's worth a thousand words. So, here's a blog entry that's 5219 words long:

It's on! The TopCoder Collegiate Challenge has been announced :D It's TopCoder's big Uni-only tournament - soon the Design contest will start, I'm hoping to make the top 8 to get a trip to the US (not too many uni students design). The algorithm contest starts part way through next month too.

Wondering why I've gone crazy? Squint your eyes...it's part of the ASCII world cup feed. I'm glad to be back on the scoreboard at soccer, and for those in either one of the two teams, click the pic above.

During holidays, I played a bit of poker online, managed to come 16th out of 1000+ in an Omaha tournament, the second time I'd ever played it ;) and up to over $100,000 in play money, after starting at $1k...if only it were real :p

Uni's back! Enjoy the learning. This has a double meaning too, as last night was the first ever TCHS SRM (school-age programming contest at TopCoder) run for which I had written the questions. It seems to have gone off without any major dramas (phew), the questions were around the right difficulty, and there's been good feedback on them. So, in short a pretty good week
Ooh, and I forgot to add. Random: On Saturday, I saw the movie The Breakfast Club. My dad had started watching it, I came in just after the start, but still really enjoyed it - recommended for all teens out there :)


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