Ok, quick update before swatvac starts and I get preoccupied with other forms of procrastination - 1) Well spotted by Jelly from QLD - my blog is now a year old. Let's reflect what we've learnt since it started.....right, that didn't take long. However, in my first few posts it seemed I wanted to add something interesting down the bottom of each post...maybe I should do that again...
2) Yes, Tom, you're right, BlogWatcher (and gyronet in general it seems) has been a bit tetchy this week. It seems to be ok now, but I hope it doesn't continue - also, the main checker.php site has now hit 6000 page loads! coolies :) I managed, by accident, to be the 6000th hit, i might post the screen shot later - gotta think of something for 10000 :p
3) Exams / end-of-semester essays / presentations are on their way, coming to a town near you. Well, near me, in adelaide. Best of luck to all those who have them on at some point soon :D yes, even you arts students!
4) Hopefully I get to find a bit more about the chances of me interning at google soon - I may end up even going to the Googleplex in california to do it :D - more later though.

On the topic of google, and leaving you with some IT-related tidbit (see part 1):
for those who trust google to not datamine with your data, I recommend trying out their accelerator: http://webaccelerator.google.com/ It only works for DSL/cable connections, but apparently it has saved me 34.3 minutes out of 7hrs of page loads already - not bad for something that took 5 mins to set up.


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