Many apologies - long time between drinks. Has been a rather busy few days ... I mean, weeks ... I mean, month and a bit ;)
So, in as few words as possible:
that pretty much sums it up. Thanks to the music of Dream Theater for keeping me sane :p
And just when I thought I was heading into a period of relative calm after (and during i suppose) exams, where I could work on the Lemonade game, suddenly I get *two* contract job offers in two days! I'm not sure how much I can say (not really a secret, but ppl may want to keep them a suprise) though I'll add later once I finish them. So shall be busy writing code & documents over the next few weeks.
In addition, the TopCoder Collegiate Championship is beginning soon :D - my best chance to get onsite, as you have to be a uni student to enter, and most designers have already left uni (ranks be about 4th or 5th) so that's bound to take up a bunch of time too.
Hmm...maybe I should start posting pictures of stuff...when anything interesting-enough happens, I shall do. Until then, it's more staying up late watching true football! Adieu :)
Oh, i almost forgot (well...did, then edited this in): A nice site found by my cousins: PotterPuppetPals try it ;)


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